DryBuddy 2 Wetness Sensing Briefs System


The DryBuddy 2 Briefs system consists of the DryBuddy 2 system plus two (2) DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs. The DryBuddy 2 is the 2nd Gen. extended range and improved DryBuddy system, and the world's only truly mobile, portable, and wireless alarm to help with bedwetting, incontinence and enuresis. Privacy, discretion and comfort for the mobile user. Use at home with exceptionally loud and strong audio and vibration alarms which can be adjusted. True-wireless convenience. Includes two very comfortable and reliable wetness sensing briefs. Special needs friendly. Please measure the waist at the navel (belly button) to select the briefs’ size.

Our unique and patented magnetic sensor can be used with the exceptionally convenient and reliable wetness sensing briefs provided, or with standard cotton briefs. It includes a portable battery-powered receiver with audio alarm (with volume control), strong and mild vibration settings, and a combination of audio and vibration. The DryBuddy 2 is the only alarm that can be used conveniently with complete privacy when in a public setting, or set to provide the loudest sound and strongest vibration of any battery-powered bedwetting alarm. The receiver (alarm box) can be very conveniently carried in a pocket of the user, or placed beside the user if the user is sleeping. It is the easiest-to-use and clean sensor anywhere. The DryBuddy 2 is perspiration resistant, so it will not be triggered by perspiration. A battery carrying case containing 2 AAA alkaline batteries and a small screwdriver is included so that the user has fresh power available when the device is being used outside the house. One (1) year limited warranty on the receiver and sensor, and six (6) months on the briefs. Batteries and damage are not covered by the warranty. Free shipping available (domestic U.S. only) by First Class U.S. mail (uninsured).
Very easy to use, convenient and reliable. Perspiration resistant. Very easy and convenient to clean.
DryBuddy is well known as the designer and creator of the most innovative and convenient wireless bed wetting alarm systems.






























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