DryBuddy 2 Wireless Sensor


The DryBuddy2 has been discontinued. Any DryBuddy2 products and accessories that may be available will only carry a limited 3 (three) months warranty.

DryBuddy 2 Wireless Sensor only without its "cap" or briefs. This sensor can only be used as part of the DryBuddy 2 system. It cannot be used with a DryBuddyFLEX. Please synchronize the Receiver being used with this Sensor, following the instructions provided with the complete DryBuddy 2 system. When used with a DryBuddy 2 Receiver, the transmission distance between the Sensor and Receiver can be up to 72 Ft. (22 m.). Ninety (90) days limited warranty. The DryBuddy2 sensor has a limited warranty of three (3) months. Instructions are available on

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Additional Info

Weight (oz) 2.0
Manufacturer Drybuddy