DryBuddy Wetness Sensing Briefs


The DryBuddy Wetness Sensing Briefs are available in the listed sizes:

22-24 inches / 56-61 cms

24-26 inches / 61-66 cms

26-28 inches / 66-71 cms

28-30 inches / 71-76 cms (Out of Stock)

30-32 inches / 76-81 cms

32-34 inches / 81-86 cms

34-36 inches / 86-91 cms

36-38 inches / 91-96 cms

and can be used with all DryBuddyFLEX and DryBuddy (2 and 1) sensors. "Redundant wiring" allows the briefs to be usable if the wire is broken in a non-critical location. Very comfortable, using exceptionally soft, absorbent and long-lasting cotton cloth. Please measure the waist at the navel (belly button) to select the correct size. These briefs can be ordered individually and have a six months limited warranty. Not returnable for refund if washed or used. Free shipping available (domestic U.S. only) by First Class U.S. mail (uninsured). 


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Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight (oz) 3.0
Manufacturer Drybuddy


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