DryBuddy EZ+ - Overview



The full-featured DryBuddyEZ Series include the DryBuddyEZ+ and the DryBuddyEZ systems. They have been designed with your child or patient’s comfort in mind. The attractive alarm case can fit and attach comfortably at the night-shirt collar or any other part of the night/pajama shirt.



The patented shirt attachment mechanism is unique. The clip grips clothing firmly so that the alarm does not move. The safety-pin(s) can also attach the DryBuddyEZ to any part of the shirt that is convenient. The sensors are also easy to attach to standard cotton briefs, and will not come loose from the alarm while your child moves in his/her sleep.



The DryBuddyEZ family has a unique design and excellent patented attachment mechanisms for attachment to the shirt. The patented magnetic sensor (DryBuddyEZ+) holds very firmly to briefs and is extremely easy to use, clean and dry. DryBuddy bed wetting alarms provide convenience and ease-of-use through innovation.



Select how and where you attach the DryBuddyEZ to your child’s clothing. Select whether you prefer the easy-to-use-and-clean magnetic sensor, or the “Hold Tight” clip sensor. You select!


Full Featured

Computer controlled and providing music, vibration and combination. The loud trumpet fanfare and/or vibration will wake your child promptly. The continuous volume control lets you set the volume up to a loud 90dB. No more guessing – an L.E.D. light shows what is happening.



A highly affordable bed-wetting alarm system. No hassle or cost of supplies or modifying clothing, pads, tapes, etc. Save significant cost, time and trouble while using the DryBuddyEZ bed wetting alarm systems. A lower up-front cost and inexpensive to use while stopping bedwetting.


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