DryBuddy EZ+ - More Details

The DryBuddy Magnetic Sensor and its Cap

The DryBuddy Magnetic Sensor is a revolutionary new wired wetness (urine) sensor for use with the DryBuddyEZ and many other bedwetting and enuresis alarm. This sensor uses DryBuddy's patented magnetic technology to provide a very easy-to-use and clean sensor that is reliable and affordable

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Comfort and Convenience

The DryBuddy Magnetic Sensor is very easy to attach to cotton briefs.

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The sensor attaches very easily to cotton briefs by placing the sensor on the outside of the briefs with the magnets facing the briefs. The magnetic "cap" is placed inside the briefs and locks the sensor to the briefs, with the briefs being held between the face of the sensor and its cap. The sensor should be located on the briefs at the point of urination or just below it so that the urine flows over its edges and soaks the cloth. The sensor can be placed horizontally instead of vertically if that suits the user. When the briefs are wet between the two magnets, the sensor will be triggered. This procedure is so simple that it can easily be performed in the dark. No other sensor can be attached to briefs as conveniently and easily as the DryBuddy magnetic sensor.

The magnetic attachment does not damage the briefs and does not use indentations in the clothing or mechanical force to keep the sensor in place. The do not get folded, crimped or clipped, thereby preventing possible damage to the briefs.

The surfaces of the sensor are essentially flat, with all surfaces well exposed and easily accessed. Cleaning and drying the sensor is very easy and straight-forwards, as the user does not need to get into any nooks or covered areas for cleaning and drying. The sensor should be washed with soft soap and warm water and dried with a cotton towel.

Inexpensive to Use

The sensor has no moving parts. This results in great convenience as nothing needs to be done to the briefs to engage the briefs with the sensor. No folding, crimping, or other manipulations of the briefs is needed. The straight and flat magnetic attachment, with no moving parts, does not damage briefs during attachment and use. Moving parts are often the most likely part of the sensor to break during use. The easy and flat design of the DryBuddy magnetic sensor makes it very durable. A one-year limited warranty is provided, but this sensor is likely to be good for much longer.


The flat shape of the DryBuddy magnetic sensor also makes it very easy to clean and dry. There are no hidden places on this sensor. Other sensors clip to briefs by having moving parts. These moving sections are likely to break, and also create obstructions for cleaning and drying the sensor.

The DryBuddy magnetic sensor attaches naturally to the briefs. There are no extra supplies required to use the DryBuddy sensor. Simply place the sensor at the desired location and hold it in place with the magnetic cap. Apart from the money that may be continuously spent on supplies for using or attaching other sensors, including tapes, pads, sewing, etc. which is not needed with the DryBuddy magnetic sensor, add the extra time, effort and inconvenience of performing these modifications, and the cost and hassle associated with using other bedwetting alarm sensors can be significant over time.