DryBuddy EZ+ Details

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    DryBuddyEZ+ 2 with the New Improved DryBuddy Magnetic Sensor:

    • A unique and attractive combination of a truly full-featured bed wetting and enuresis alarm and the BEST and easiest-to-use sensor.
    • Children and parents like how simple it is to use. Children can attach and detach the sensor in a few seconds, even in the dark. It’s that simple!
    • Get your child involved in using the DryBuddyEZ+ 2. Its ease and convenience can motivate your child and help stop bedwetting faster!
  • Perspiration Resistant:

    • The new DryBuddyEZ+ 2 won’t be triggered by perspiration like almost all other bedwetting alarms.
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    DryBuddyEZ and DryBuddyEZ+ 2 : Complete computer controlled full-featured bed-wetting alarms:

    • Provides music, vibration & combination of music and vibration. The continuous volume control (from 0 to 90 dB) gives you full control of the volume.
    • Alarm loudness is up to 90dB at 10cms (4") from ear, and 87dB at 20cms (8") from ear.
    • LED light and color shows ON/OFF/Alarm/Low Battery, and when the alarm is ON. No more guessing about what may be happening.
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    Flexible Attachment to Clothing:

    • Patented flexible attachments. Attach the patented DryBuddyEZ and DryBuddyEZ+ 2 alarm box to any part of the clothing worn by your child or patient.
    • Use the built-in clip or the safety-pin provided to give great flexibility to attach the alarm box anywhere on your child or patient's clothing. You are not constrained by the attachment limitations of most other alarms.
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    Flexibilty and Convenience:

    • You can set the DryBuddyEZ and DryBuddyEZ+ 2 alarms to suit your needs. We give you the options to use the alarm as you would like to.
    • Use it as may be best and most convenient for your child or patient.
    • Do not be limited by what is imposed on you by “know it all” manufacturers who are cutting many corners and functionality.
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    Magnetic Sensor:

    • The patented magnetic sensor is standard with the DryBuddyEZ+ 2 and is designed to attach firmly to cotton briefs with great ease and comfort.
    • It has no moving parts that can break or wear out. Moving parts also cause difficulty in using and cleaning the sensor.
    • The magnetic sensor is very easy to attach. The cotton briefs are firmly clamped between the two sets of magnets. The briefs do not get folded or clipped. This makes it extremely easy to use the sensor. You don’t have to fold the briefs and insert it into the narrow opening of most clips. It attaches firmly every time, and prevents damage to the briefs.
    • The surfaces of the magnetic sensor are flat and exposed, with no moving parts. This makes it the easiest sensor to wash and dry and keep hygienically clean.
    • The magnetic sensor has no cost of use. No supplies are needed with this sensor. Save money, time and hassle as compared to other alarms which require sticky tape, pads, and other supplies which must be used all the time. Avoid this hidden tax and cost.
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    DryBuddyEZ Clip Sensor:

    • Attaches to standard cotton briefs to sense wetness (urine)
    • The Hold-Tight stainless steel clip has been redesigned to attach firmly to briefs. It requires about 30 Newtons of force to pull the clip off the briefs. This is about 50% more tight than the most-used sensor clip
    • The clip is easy-to-use and easy-to-clean.
  • DryBuddyEZ Magnetic & Clip Sensors:

    • The cable of both sensors attach to the DryBuddyEZ alarm box using a telephone-jack type plastic 616E connector. This firm attachment will not come loose accidently during use.
    • They can be used as replacements for any other brand of bedwetting alarm which uses a 616E or RJ11 connector to connect the sensor cable to the alarm box. This includes many common brands. Now you have a high-quality low-cost alternative sensor available.
  • Compare in Detail with other Alarms:

    • We provide more FACTS and details about our products and their performance so that you can make a proper and complete comparison and selection. See Compare Systems.
    • The DryBuddy1 generates louder sounds and stronger vibrations than most alarms.
    • Compare the DryBuddyEZ+ or DryBuddyEZ with any and all other bedwetting alarms for features provided, ease-of-use, comfort, convenience and price. See the detailed comparisons.
  • Certifications:

    • We are confident about our DryBuddyEZ+ 2 and its reliability. You get one year of support to help you with any problems that you may have with the DryBuddyEZ+ 2 and its use. There is a one year limited warranty for the DryBuddyEZ alarm box, and a ninety days limited warranty on its clip sensor.
    • Registered with the FDA. CE Certified so you know that you are getting a bedwetting alarm that meets all U.S. and European standards and regulatory requirements.
    • Manufactured in an ISO: 9000 certified facility for quality control.
    • FSA Insurance Eligible. May be eligible for other health insurance.