The DryBuddy2 is Discontinued. Please select the DryBuddyFLEX3.comfort

The New 2nd Generation DryBuddy2.

Imagine – and Go!

Now your child or patient can go almost anywhere and enjoy a fuller life! School, travel, restaurants, camping, sleep-ins, being with friends, having fun.

Life can be wonderful with the    DryBuddy2 !


Revolutionary and Exceptional. At the leading edge of innovation and technology, with exceptional features and conveniences. Patented magnetic sensor for use with standard briefs or patented DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs.

Comprehensive features for successful use with incontinence, enuresis and bedwetting both outside and inside the home, including special needs patients with ASD, MI, severe dementia and paraplegics.



True mobile and personal wireless bedwetting alarm system. The first and only alarm designed for convenient mobile use away from home and within the home.

Privacy for the mobile user. Wireless, with no wires. Carry the alarm in a pocket. Feel soft vibrations as with a cell phone.

Extended wireless transmission range for convenient alarming and monitoring throughout the home.

Warranty DryBuddy2 systems have a limited comprehensive warranty of six months.


Use the true wireless DryBuddy2 with its patented magnetic sensor for standard briefs or use it with the patented DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs. This allows you to select whichever is most suitable, together with how and where you wish to use the DryBuddy2.



Very comfortable to use. Very portable. Carry in a pocket in and out of the home. Place beside a sleeper’s pillow or other convenient location. No discomfort of attaching to clothes. Use at home with very loud alarm and/or very strong vibrations. Use away from home with the privacy of softer vibrations like a cell phone.

Effective Alarms

The DryBuddy2 Receiver produces very loud sounds and very strong vibrations. Louder music and stronger vibrations than for any battery powered enuresis alarm that has been measured. Very effective for alerting deep sleepers.


Wireless System

The wireless DryBuddy2 has no wires to cause entanglement or discomfort. The child / patient can freely move within the house and go almost anywhere outside. The small receiver fits in a pocket and is very easy to carry. It can be placed beside the pillow at bed time, providing great comfort as it is not worn by the patient.


Easy-to-Use Sensor

The patented and unique magnetic sensor easily attaches & detaches to standard cotton briefs. Very easy to clean and re-use multiple times. Optional DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs are machine washable and comfortable to wear. The patented redundant wiring provides longer life.


Multiple Users and Alarms

Multiple users in the same house-hold (children or patients) can each use a DryBuddy2 at the same time. There is no practical limit to the number of users, nor extra costs for multiple users.

Multiple Alarms can be located throughout the home.


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