DryBuddy 2 Wireless Mobile Magnetic Sensor System Bedwetting Alarm System


The DryBuddy2 has been discontinued. Any DryBuddy2 products and accessories that may be available will only carry a limited 3 (three) months warranty.

Imagine and Go! Now your child or patient can go almost anywhere and enjoy a fuller life with the only alarm designed for mobility, privacy, and strong, convenient use in the home! Experience the ease-of-use, comfort and convenience that the true-mobile, true-wireless DryBuddy 2 offers.

  1. School, restaurants, camping, sleep-ins, being with friends, having fun. Life can be wonderful with a DryBuddy 2!
  2. More features, abilities and conveniences than any other true mobile bedwetting alarm. Strongest alarm sound and vibration, both adjustable down to zero.
  3. The wireless transmission range between the Sensor and Receiver can be up to 72 ft./22 m. Multiple receivers can be used around the house for additional convenience.

DryBuddy is the world's leader in Wireless Bedwetting Alarms Innovation and Technology! Why make do with something much less?

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DryBuddy 2 Magnetic Sensor Bedwetting Alarm.

The DryBuddy 2 is the world's only true mobile and wireless bedwetting/enuresis/incontinence alarm that allows mobile use with privacy.

      1. Freedom from wires and having to wear the alarm on the patient’s body or clothing. Sleep with the receiver/alarm next to the pillow, on a bed-side table, or be monitored from another room. So comfortable!
      2. Use the DryBuddy 2 very conveniently with its easy-to-use magnetic sensor or reliable and comfortable optional wetness sensing briefs.
      3. Very helpful for special needs patients, including ASD, MI and, paraplegics.
      4. The DryBuddy 2 is perspiration resistant.
      5. Use with exceptional comfort and confidence. The DryBuddy 2 has the smallest, lightest and only water-resistant sensor/transmitter in the industry. This is the only item worn on the patient’s body or clothes and provides unmatched comfort and safety from damage by liquids.·
      6. Use many receivers (alarms) and/or multiple DryBuddy 2 systems in a home at the same time.


Magnetic Sensor:

The patented magnetic sensor can be used with regular cotton briefs or with the special DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs.

      1. The sensor is very easy to attach and attaches firmly every time,while preventing damage to the briefs.
      2. This small, lightweight sensor/transmitter is the only device in contact with your child or patient or their clothing. Very convenient and comfortable!
      3. The sealed sensor will not be damaged by liquids, so there are no worries about damage during use or cleaning.
      4. Cleaning and drying the sensor cannot be easier, as the surface of the sensor is completely exposed. Wash and clean with soap and water, dry with a clean cloth. It only takes a few seconds.
      5. Sealed water-resistant sensor/transmitter with sealed battery and battery life of over 800 triggers under normal use.

For users desiring an even greater level of comfort and reliable sensing, consider using the optional DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs.


DryBuddy 2 Wireless Receiver.

      1. The Receiver contains the audio alarm and vibration unit.
      2. The disk-like receiver has a diameter of about 2.5 inches (65 mm). It is smaller and lighter than a modern cell phone, and can be carried in a pant pocket, bag, purse, or back-pack. Whatever may be convenient for the mobile user.
      3. When sleeping, the receiver is commonly placed beside the pillow, on a bed-side table, or wherever it is convenient. This provides much greater comfortthan having to wear the alarm box on the user's body or clothing.
      4. The DryBuddy 2 has a very loud alarm, the loudest of any measured music-playing battery-powered bedwetting alarm (93 dB at 8"/20 cms.), and has a 5-steps volume control.
      5. It also produces the strongest vibrationsof any battery-powered bedwetting alarm. It can be set to a milder vibration – like a cell phone – for personal use when the user wishes privacy in public places.
      6. Wireless transmission range between the Sensor and Receiver can be up to seventy-two (72) feet or twenty-two (22) meters.
DryBuddy 2 System.

DryBuddy is the world's leader in Wireless Bedwetting Alarms Innovation and Technology!

Why make do with something much less?

Put yourself in your child’s or patient’s place. Would you want wires all over you and the burden and the discomfort of an alarm box that you have to wear, even to bed? Do you want to be “tied” to an alarm box?

Compare the DryBuddy 2 and its features with any and all other bedwetting alarms. DryBuddy 2 is exceptional and a great value!

Wouldn’t you rather have a DryBuddy 2?


Optional DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs.
      1. Optional patented DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs can be used with the DryBuddy 2.
      2. Extremely reliable and comfortable.
      3. Has a very large area in the front, bottom and rear of the briefs to sense wetness.
      4. No worries about placing a sensor in the correct spot.
      5. Very comfortable with the Sensor/Transmitter attaching at the waist.
      6. Patented redundant wiring for reliability.
      7. Available in sizes to fit 22" through 38".



















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