DryBuddyEZ+ 2 Magnetic Sensor

The DryBuddyEZ Magnetic Sensor is the revolutionary wired wetness (urine) sensor with the expanded magnetic pads for use with the DryBuddyEZ+ 2 and many other bedwetting and enuresis alarm. It uses DryBuddy's patented magnetic technology to provide a very easy-to-use and clean sensor that is reliable and affordable and uses a 616E telephone jack-like plug. This plug will fit 616E and RJ11 sockets, and can be used with any brand of bed-wetting alarms that uses a wired sensor that is plugged into the alarm box through a 616E or REJ11 socket. The Sensor cable is 88 cms (34 inches) long. This sensor kit includes the magnetic “cap” which is required to clamp the briefs at the sensor. One (1) year limited warranty on the sensor. Free shipping available (domestic U.S. only) by First Class U.S. mail (uninsured).

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Additional Info

Weight (oz) 2.6
Manufacturer Drybuddy