DryBuddyFLEX 3 Transceiver with AC Power Supply

The DryBuddyFLEX 3 Transceiver is used as a second alarm and remote control location. It also receives and re-transmits signals over a longer distance to provide greater coverage. The Transceiver also serves as the power supply and ON/OFF switch for any auxiliary alarm plugged into it such as the bed shaker. Each additional Transceiver must be synchronized with its Sensor and Remote (please see the instructions provided). User's instructions included. Uses 120-240 V 50/60 Hz AC with the provided power supply. One (1) year limited warranty on the Transceiver when purchased together with a full DryBuddyFLEX Complete System (on the same order). Ninety (90) days limited warranty when the Transceiver is purchased separately.
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Additional Info

Additional Info

Weight (oz) 11.0
Manufacturer Drybuddy
Country of Manufacture Australia