DryBuddy 1 - Details

The wireless DryBuddy1 is designed for mobile and portable use outside the home where privacy is important, and comfortable and convenient use in the home. It is a personal alarm to be carried by and kept in the vicinity of the user or patient. It is the perfect aid for incontinence and enuresis for use by adults and children. It can be used flexibly with standard cotton briefs or with optional wetness sensing briefs. DryBuddy’s wetness sensing briefs have redundant wires sewn in for extra reliability, are easy to pull on, and have the sensor comfortably attached at the waist.

  • drybuddy1


    • Experience the ease-of-use, comfort and convenience that the true-mobile, true-wireless DryBuddy1 brings to you.
    • Revolutionary and Exceptional. At the leading edge of innovation and technology, with exceptional features and conveniences.
    • No discomfort or entanglement of wires running down the body or being connected to anything.. The wireless receiver is comfortably carried in a pocket.
    • Freedom to move, do everything almost everywhere, and sleep without the constraints of wires and an alarm box attached to your child or patient. Children understand and appreciate this.
    • Simple for the user and the parent or caregiver, with extraordinary convenience and suitable options built-in.
    • Easy for the child, parents, other patients and caregivers. Get your child involved in using the DryBuddy1. Its ease and convenience can motivate your child and help stop bedwetting faster!
    • A combination of features and conveniences that surpasses all other bedwetting alarms for mobility, portability and usefulness. Why accept less for your child, patient or yourself?
  • drybuddy1-magnetic-sensor

    Magnetic Sensor:

    • The patented magnetic sensor is the easiest sensor to attach and clean, and can be used with regular cotton briefs or with the special (optional) DryBuddy wetness sensing briefs.
    • The magnetic sensor is very easy to attach. The cotton briefs are firmly clamped between the two sets of magnets. The briefs do not get folded or clipped. This makes it extremely easy to use the sensor. It attaches firmly every time, and prevents damage to the briefs.
    • Integrated wireless transmitter is one unit with the sensor. This small, lightweight sensor is the only device in contact with your child or patient or their clothing. Very convenient and comfortable!
    • Sealed water-resistant sensor/transmitter with sealed battery and battery life of over 1,000 triggers under normal use.
    • The sensor’s signal can be received up to seven (7) feet (2 meters) away, perfect for a personal wireless alarm. Several times more than the short wire length of a wired alarm (typically less than 1 meter) and without the wired alarm’s inconveniences and constraints.
  • Easy Cleaning:

    • Cleaning and drying the sensor cannot be easier, as the surface of the sensor is completely exposed.
    • There are no moving parts to break off or grope around for cleaning..
    • Wash and clean with soap and water, dry with a clean cloth. It only takes a few seconds.
  • drybuddy1-wetness-sensing-briefs

    DryBuddy Wetness Sensing Briefs:

    • DryBuddy's wetness sensing briefs are comfortable and easy to use. Much easier and more comfortable than when any sensor is attached to regular briefs. Measure the waist at the navel (belly button).
    • The patented wetness sensing briefs are extremely comfortable and offer the largest area for sensing wetness. No more worrying about whether the sensor has been placed correctly as the wetness always gets sensed!
    • Children wear the briefs and attach the sensor at the waist in a few seconds, even in the dark. It’s that simple!
    • The DryBuddy briefs have a patented arrangement of "redundant" wires so that if a wire breaks, the briefs may still function. This is unlike other wired briefs which use only one wire, so a wire brake can make these briefs useless.
  • Perspiration Resistant:

    • The DryBuddy1 is perspiration resistant, so it won’t be triggered by perspiration as with almost all other bedwetting alarms.
  • Multiple Users:

    • The unique DryBuddy1 allows the use of many separate DryBuddy1 systems in a home at the same time. They will not interfere with each other.
  • drybuddy1-receiver


    • The wireless Receiver receives the signals from the Sensor.
    • The Receiver contains the audio alarm and vibration unit.
    • The wireless transmission range between the Sensor and Receiver can be up to seven (7) feet or two (2) meters.
    • An L.E.D. on the receiver indicates switching ON/OFF, System is ON, Sync, alert length, low battery and other functions.
    • Two (2) AAA alkaline batteries (provided) are used in the Receiver. A convenient battery carrying case with a small screwdriver is included to support mobile use away from home.
    • Except for batteries, no other supplies are needed, saving money and hassle.
  • drybuddy1-alarms


    • The DryBuddy1 alarm is Very Loud, the loudest of any measured music-playing battery-powered bedwetting alarm, and has a 5-steps volume control.
    • The built-in audio alarm sound level can be as high as: 92 dB at 8 inches (20 cms) or 82.5 dB at 2 feet (60 cms). Please use the built-in volume control to adjust the volume to suit you.
    • You can select between two sounds – a trumpet fanfare and a Berlin police siren – uplifting or serious. No cheap electronic tweets and beeps!
    • The Receiver also produces Very Strong vibrations, much stronger than any other battery powered bedwetting alarm.
    • The Receiver can also be set to a milder vibration – like a cell telephone – for personal use when the user wishes privacy in public places.
    • There are four combinations of alarms available:
    • Sound only (for use at home, when the alarm/receiver is not being carried by the user),
    • Sound with strong vibration (for use at home when the alarm is being carried by the user),
    • Strong vibration only (for use at home or outside, where sound is not desired), and
    • Mild vibration (useful in public places where privacy is desired during alarming).
  • drybuddy1-compare-in-detail-with-other-alarms

    Compare in Detail with other Alarms:

    • Put yourself in your child’s or patient’s place. Would you want wires all over you and the burden and the discomfort of an alarm that you have to wear? Plus the DryBuddy1 generates much louder sounds and much stronger vibrations.
    • We provide more FACTS and details about our products and their performance so that you can make a proper and complete comparison and selection. See Compare Systems.
    • Compare the DryBuddy1 with any and all other bedwetting alarms for features provided, ease-of-use, comfort, convenience and price. It’s no contest – DryBuddy1 is exceptional for help with bedwetting, enuresis and incontinence!
  • Certifications:

    • We are confident about our DryBuddy1 and its reliability. You get one year of support to help you with any problems that you may have with the DryBuddy1 and its use.
    • Registered with the FDA. FCC and CE Certified so you know that you are getting a bedwetting alarm that meets all U.S. and European standards and regulatory requirements.
    • Manufactured in an ISO: 9000 certified facility for quality control.
    • FSA Insurance Eligible. May be eligible for other health insurance.